Friday, August 10, 2018

Wednesday, May 16, 2018



Faint red and black, wooden senior fort, old wooden planking floor,
stubborn ladder, bright snake-green steering wheel up the ladder.
There are also timber planks, chains holding the bridge together.
Tin metal roof at the small section, a vibrant orange slide leading down.
Smooth stone bars at an angle leading down hitting the bark down at the ground.
But there's another way without touching the ground,
down the ladder there’s a flying fox,
with a red metal bar and a worn yellow handle.

A short distance away there are swing handles across where you look.
Across there’s a chain sweeping across with a almost new blue coat.
Across from there rusty monkey bars.
Then the rock of photos, we call it that because we talk more than a few photos
on that massive rock which almost sits in the middle (well closer to the field).
The rock is made out of just normal rock and in some spots a greenish stone.
Close by is something in a different format to the other monkeys bars.
Instead of being a jungle gym,
small metal bars are being held up some chains so we can swing.

Meanwhile away, the net of fun.
Either go up another ladder or test your skills climbing up something a little
different to a wooden ladder as there is blue rope with black rings on it.
Then there's a blue net reaching across the other side and on top of it,
there is  a slim pole were you can scoot across.
At the other side another platform metal bars like ones that the fire brigade in
some countries have. And a climbing wall that has an easy hard and kinda hard zone.
Then down below nougats and crosses the spinning way.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Huntsman Spider

The Huntsman Spider

The largest spider
What do Huntsman spiders eat


The World's Largest:
The Huntsman spider

Huntsman Spiders Diet:
They do not spin webs instead they there hunt and search for food, they mostly eat invertebrates and small insects.

Where  Do They Live
Most marts of Asia, Laos Australia and Africa.


Wednesday, January 31, 2018